Helps you attain the future you desire

Well, my friend, you are worthy and my Spiritual VIP coaching sessions are for you if you are willing to:

  • 1 Take full responsibility and face who you are, why you have incarnated in this life time with the challenges you are encountering and have previously challenged you!
  • 2 Discover your inner power;
  • 3 Make yourself stronger, wiser and at peace with yourself so you follow your dreams and business or personal goals;
  • 4 Be truly at peace with yourself while resolving life’s issues and maintaining your vision for the “happily ever after”. The future you desire.

You do not need to walk into your new life with your dreams and aspirations alone. I will help you to clearly see the way forward. Firstly by looking at your strengths and weaknesses of the planetary system on the day you were born within your very own Astrological chart and working with the abilities “God gave you”:


How and why you communicate


How you relate to people


How and why you action and plan life


What your strengths are


What your weakness are


Your Soul’s Plan and potential

Investing in yourself with theses VIP Coaching Days means that you are truly ready to understand your purpose and start your journey of discovery, your vision—for abundance, career, relationships, or business—with an assessment meeting and then a full One-on-One personally planned Intensive session with me and continued support over 6 months.

  • Laying the foundations for a solid focus on relationships, career, or business with inner clarity and motivation for success.
  • Discovering the “True You” and how to be the best version of yourself!

So start treating yourself like a VIP and the Universe will follow suit!

How the Process Works?

On any journey, you need a road map. Without it you can easily get lost and waste precious moments and opportunities. Together we can map it out and put you back in touch with your inner compass, the-inner knowing and make your journey of discovery easier and more enjoyable to navigate.

And that’s not all! You’ll get an initial consultation day where I listen, watch and gather the information on you. I will write up your birth chart after our meeting and spiritually assess your potential on the day of the meeting as well as offer my full support for 6 months!

The VIP Day starts at 10am with a coffee and a relaxing chat. I will talk you through your chart so you understand who and why you do what you do and plan a strategy and together we will start mapping out your journey! We will first look at where you are and where you want to go, how you sabotage yourself and how you procrastinate, etc; we will basically get you to see how you understand yourself and then help remove the blocks.

As we continue to chat over coffee you will receive your spiritual assessment and from that some planned exercise and techniques made specifically for your personal requirement. Whether it is business targets and goals or helping you spiritually unfold your exercises, it will be specific to your requirements. I will use Confidence building techniques to help you in your goals and self-expression.

You will learn how to deepen your understanding and strengthen your connection to your spirit within. You will be given personal visualisation guides in the form of a voice recording too.

What can you expect to get from a VIP Intensive Coaching Day?

Confidence in your goals and self-expression
A well-defined path to continue growing
A plan that will move you toward the success you want
Feeling empowered about who you truly are
Clarity, inner strength and self-esteem
New tools to create the reality you desire
A positive response from others as the new YOU is born, people will see and feel the change in you!

The VIP Day is hard work; it is specificity planned to shake you up and to move you forward; a day of intense mental and emotional and possibly some private baggage may be released. Iit will be “hard work” but you can be assured you will feel supported in a loving and safe space as well as empowered with much love, clarity, and breakthroughs.

Please contact me right now if you are ready to invest in yourself with my VIP Coaching Assessment and Day.

The VIP Spiritual Coaching package with Angel Anne is an investment for life of only £800.

Are you ready to see who you truly are?

Are you worth this spiritual investment?

Yes, you are - Book below!

1 Session

  • Birth Chat Reading
  • Decide Your Goals
  • 1 Hour Session After The Above

    Cost: £150

6 Sessions

  • All of Session 1 Plus...
  • Plan With Action Points Jointly Agreed
  • Monthly Meetings Monitoring Progress
  • Work On Development
    Cost: £800
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