My story so far...

I am a  third generation Medium and Psychic who comes from a long line of seers and healers.

I have been aware of spiritual visitors since I was three years old when by baby sister Laura died.

My gran was a regular visitor with Laura throughout my child hood.In 2001 I had a a celestial visitor in the form of a 20ft Angel. Archangel ChamuelThe most beautiful being of light you can possible imagine. He told me my job would change and I was to heal people with words. The experience was so profound I was aware of this world and the spirit world. The miraculous experience left me with the gift of seeing peoples life path, their souls journey.Children would often comment on my unseen friend as they saw my Angel walking with me.In 2005 I had an operation and they discovered I was allergic to analgesics. The only pain killer I could have was paracetamol.In tremendous pain I prayed to God “please heal me or take me!”I remember my husband going to work as I rocked back and forth in my bed in agony praying!
I must have fallen asleep as I woke up to the sound of celestial music, a heavenly symphony playing, the room was filled with orbs and the sweetest smell. I though I was in heaven. It is the most beautiful experience to date from my Angelic helpers. Archangel Raphael and his healing angels not only healed me, they took the memory of the pain and the operation itself from my mind. It was only when my husband returned home from work and asked how I was  that the memory of the operation returned. Truly another miracle I was so blessed to receive.
As a soul coach I offer guidance from your astrological birth chart and by connecting to your souls plan and help you follow your life’s path.

I travel the world teaching my truth, that love like life can never die.I demonstrate the power of love in my live shows.I am the mouth piece, the vessel which allows your family, your Angels in spirit to reach out to you once more from across the rainbow bridge.It is a privilege and an honour to be the media channel for spirit. I am a healer of both worlds and in service to spirit carnate and discarnate.I have  regularly appeared on BBC and have been quoted as exceptionally gifted by Media & clients alike!I have studied and learned to understand my craft and I continue to sit to build my connections to those in the unseen world I am a celestial messenger following my celestial career advisors  advice and bringing healing through words!Soul Coaching sessions can be booked here as can tickets for live events.

Get Help For All Your Problems!

I will help you to achieve the future you desire by working with the abilities.

My Areas of Expertise


I connect with the spirit to bring your loved one in a way that makes you feel they are in the same room.

Astrology Reading
I connect to provide guidance. I can answer your questions regarding love, relationships, family, career and finance. 

Spiritual Training

I focus on developing your Mediumship gifts and help to build a good strong foundation with the Spirit world.

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