This is your opportunity to connect with your loved ones through Anne, as she demonstrates her remarkable mediumship ability and proving that the soul continues to live on and that your loved ones are still watching over you.

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Seasons of the Soul oracle cards, by Author, Psychic Medium and Life Coach, Angel Anne, provide a direct connection to your soul. Use the card deck and guidebook to get to know who you truly are.

Every card will resonate its energy, ignite a part of your soul and ultimately, awaken you to your soul's true path.

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About Angel Anne Psychic Medium

If you'd like to learn more about what I do please watch this short video.

Angel Anne says...

"Working for the spirit world is my passion, it's a calling.  I believe I was born to work as an ambassador for the spirit world and I take my work seriously.  I am a larger than life personality - I believe laughter heals the soul!"

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Some Thoughts From Our Awesome Clients

  • Great night with friends, to see a talented medium.
    Joanne Armstrong
  • Very professional and very witty.  Evidence was spot on.  Well done Anne, thoroughly enjoyed the night, thankyou.
    Jeanette Mary Purvis
  • Amazing night, thankyou Anne!
    Debbie Walker-McCrae
  • Loved tonight, we really enjoyed the show.  You were fabulous and funny as ever!
    Moira Bell
  • Superb atmosphere and what a gifted team!
    Diane McPhee
  • You were just incredible!  You have such a special gift!  Will definitely be booking you for a private reading!
    Katie Morris
  • What a really great night!!
    Chery Jane Slaven
  • Anne it was lovely meeting you and thankyou for your kind words regarding me seeing orbs etc.  You blew me away.  Thankyou, you are a special lady with an amazing gift.
    Christina Hodge
  • Absolutely fantastic night.  Thankyou Angel Anne you have an amazing talent and energy.  Looking forward to having you at heart and soul therapies soon.
    Zoe Tod
  • The Life Purpose "God Gifts" workshop was magical! The astrology chart you made for me and everyone else changed that part of me I was mesmerised. The information and understanding I could relate to, even understanding how the planets effects partners, children, etc. The soul to soul work was so put into words that was easy to understand. Then to end it all or should I say the beginning the beautiful mantra that sure was individual and personalised. You taught that well 🙏🙏🙏🙏 (more…)
    Annemarie II
  • Angel Anne welcomed us into her beautiful home with love and generosity. A huge thank you once again.x. I would highly recommend this course (Life Purpose "God Gifts") for those of you who are on a journey of self awareness. Angel Anne's honest, direct and enthusiastic approach with her wonderful sense of humour thrown in set the tone for the weekend. When I read the astrological chart which Angel Anne had prepared for me I couldn't believe its accuracy. (more…)
    Liz Sherry
  • Anne gives not only a message, she delivers the connection and therefore energy of your deceased loved one... She is able to get into this specific energy and gives you the information that defines a person. The combination she makes with her psychic and mediumistic abilities makes a reading a journey of its own. She is very respectful and caring for her recipient. Highly recommended.
    T J Narula
  • Anne is the best! From the word go it was boom boom boom, fact after fact, names and dates spot on. Was totally jaw dropping! She is a laugh to boot and puts you at ease. Can't recommend this lovely lady enough.
    Davina Ference
  • I Would like to thank Anne for being who she is, she has so much knowledge in all maters spiritually and mediumship. I came to Anne’s mentorship programme a novice and through the years she has guided me and helped me understand the power of loving myself so I can pass on love to others, in this world and the next. My understanding and confidence has built with Anne's coaching and supporting me all the way. I am now at a professional standard, which Anne supports and provides opportunities for me to continue my healing work as a reader. (more…)

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